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What Our Clients Say

From Barbara – ASID Boston
Thank you for my page on the ASID New England Find A Designer website. It was the best thing I could have done to market myself. In the few months my page has been up, I have landed two new clients and am about to meet with another. All are people who called me solely from viewing my page on the ASID website. It’s been great for my business. I would highly recommend every ASID designer to participate.


From Chris – ASID Irvine, CA
Since creating my profile page on the chapter website, Find A Designer has brought 5 new clients and two of the projects were quite large. It has been great!


From Lori – Allied Member ASID Houston
The Find a Designer program has really paid off for my firm. I would definitely recommend using it in this down economy. I have developed relationships with the majority of the clients that have located me through the site, and I am looking forward to developing more.


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