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Hardbound books - University Coffee-Table Books

Arizona State University
Kansas State University
Michigan State University
United States Naval Academy
University at Cal Davis
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas
University of Florida
University of Iowa
University of Kentucky
University of Nebraska
University of Texas

Hardbound books - Interior Design Coffee-Table Books

ASID - Designed in Minnesota
ASID - Designed in New Jersey
ASID - Designed in Northern California
ASID - Designed in Orange County
ASID - Designed in Texas
ASID - Designed in Texas Gulf Coast

Hardbound books - ASID Hardbound Cookbooks

Designed for Cooking - ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter

Hardbound books - Corporate Coffee-Table Books

Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport - Cleared for Takeoff

Association Newsletters
ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)

CA-North - Bridge to Design
CA-Peninsula – Design Chronicles
Carolinas - Eye on Design
Colorado - Connection
Florida West Coast – Design Across the Bay
Georgia – Georgia Now
Illinois – Inside Illinois
Los Angeles – LA Design
Maryland - Perspective
Minnesota - Directions
New England – Design Community
New Jersey - The Insider
Orange County - Design Orange County
Pennsylvania/East – Access to Design
San Diego - Inside San Diego
TAID - Texas Association Interior Design
Texas - Gulf Coast: Houston Angle
Texas - Design Texas

Hardbound books - Specialty Coffee-Table Books

The World Below - A limited edition animated children’s book describing the
importance of conservation in our Worlds oceans.

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